Verdigris officer fires at driver police say hit his car after chase

VIDEO: Verdigris officer fires shots toward driver police say tried to run him over after chase

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Officers fired shots at the end of a chase into north Tulsa early Wednesday.
  • The chase started as an attempted traffic stop in Verdigris and ended up involving Verdigris police, Rogers County deputies, Owasso police and Tulsa police.
  • The chase ended near Pine and Harvard where the driver drove his truck into an officer's car.
  • The officer fired shots into the truck but did not hit anyone.
  • The driver -- Steven Anderson -- is in custody. Another person inside the truck ran from the scene.
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OSBI is investigating after a Verdigris officer fired at a driver police say tried to run him over early Wednesday morning.

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Verdigris police told FOX23 it started as a traffic stop around 2:30 a.m. on Highway 66 that turned into a chase from Verdigris, through Owasso, and into north Tulsa.

Owasso police put out stop sticks for the driver and authorities say he tried to hit an Owasso officer. Rogers County Sheriff's Office got involved in the situation at that point.

Police say the driver -- Steven Andreson -- then turned around on Highway 169 and ended up in a local church parking lot near Pine and Harvard.

A Verdigris officer cornered Anderson and that is when police say he drove his truck into the officer's car multiple times.

The officer got out and fired two shots into the truck -- not hitting Anderson or his passenger.

Anderson then crashed into the parking lot's fence and the officer arrested him. The passenger ran away from the scene.

Surveillance video from a nearby home shows the situation unfold:

Verdigris police say the truck appeared to be stolen.

Verdigris Police Chief Jack Shackelford says miscommunication between departments allowed for the lone Verdigris officer to be the one cornering the driver in north Tulsa.

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