• OEA unveils funding plan for teacher raises

    By: Ashli Lincoln


    OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. - Quick Facts: 

    • The Oklahoma Education Association is calling for state employee raises and improved health care funding in a three year plan. 
    • OEA says if the plan is not met by April 1, then school shutdowns will follow 
    • The total package costs $812 million for FY 2019.
    • Three year plan breakdown:
      • $10,000 teacher pay increase, including $6,000 raise for FY 19 budget 
      • $5,000 pay increase for full-time support professionals (school secretaries, bus drivers, etc) including $2,500 raise in the first year. 
      • $200 million to restore public school funding 
      • $213 million for state employee pay raises, which $71 million each year for the next three years. 
      • $255.9 million in health care funding during the next two years; $234.6 million in FY19 and $21.3 million in FY20.
    • The OEA plan does NOT identify any specific revenue source because they say legislature has seen several plans over the last two years that have included dozens of options. 
    • The OEA says over the next few weeks schools district will be organizing to close schools. 
    • OEA says members and staff lobbyists will continue working with legislators to find answers to state funding issues.

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