• ODOT suspends Tulsa-area projects amid state budget troubles

    By: Greg Brown


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • ODOT is putting dozens of projects on hold as they face nearly $251 million in new reductions.
    • The changes could affect the department's eight-year plan.
    • The department's director says they are in an unprecedented position.


    The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is suspending seven Tulsa-area projects as the state budget troubles continue.

    ODOT faces nearly $251 million in reduction, on top of reductions from last year.

    The department put together a list of nearly 70 ongoing projects that could be put on hold.

    The department’s director says they're in an unprecedented position of having to compile a list of construction projects that are either underway or about to be underway that they won't be able to fund.

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    Officials say they do not see how they will be able to accomplish the state’s goal of only one percent structurally deficient bridges.

    Not only are current projects affected, but if the department doesn’t get the money back in the budget, it will affect their eight year plan by $1.5 billion, and they'll have to start removing projects from the plan for the first time ever.

    Seven of the projects are in the Tulsa area:

    • Resurface and joint seal repair – US-169 at Multiple Locations
      • $5.9 million
      • Addressing pavement on US-169 between Memorial and 71st; between 21st and I-44 and also addressing joints on bridges between 21st and 51st.
    • Bridge rehabilitation – City streets over I-444 and US-75 at Multiple Locations
      • $9.3 million
      • Various repairs to bridges at the NE corner of the IDL including 4th St over I-444, US-75 South Ramp to I-244 East, US-75 South  Ramp to 1st St, 2nd St to I-244 East, 2nd St. Ramp to US-75 North
    • Grade, drain, surface and signals – City Street (Main/96th) from US-75 to east
      • $5.4 million
      • Project by City of Jenks
      • Would include some widening
    • Bridge Rehabilitation on Harvard Ave., Yale Ave., Memorial Dr. and Pittsburg Ave. over I-244
      • $9 million
      • Various repairs to decks and substructures
    • Bridge Rehabilitation – I-44/Gilcrease, over I-244, City St/County Rd./RR
      • $5.8 million
      • Various deck and substructure repairs to EB Gilcrease to WB I-44, WB I-44 over EB I-244, EB/WB I-44 over 38th W. Ave. & RR
    • SH-11/36th St. North over US-75
      • $1.8 million

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