Nowata mother says son was stabbed in ear with lollipop stick on school bus

NOWATA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Nowata boy allegedly was stabbed in the ear at school.
  • His mother said one boy held him down while another shoved a lollipop stick in his ear.
  • The eardrum was ruptured and he has to see a specialist.

A Nowata woman said her son was held down by a child at school and stabbed in the ear with the stick from a lollipop.

Brandy Reeve said her son’s eardrum ruptured and he has to see a specialist about possible reconstructive surgery.

The Nowata superintendent called her Friday afternoon to say the two boys involved won’t return to school for the remainder of the semester.

Reeve told FOX23 she’s reported bullying several times this year, but nothing was done until after her son was hurt.

FOX23 reached out to the school but has yet to hear back.

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