North Tulsa summer camp looks to bridge pandemic education gap

TULSA, Okla. — Class is out for the summer, but for educators like first grade teacher, Monya Brown, teaching doesn’t stop. This Teach Program is her vision after she noticed gaps students face coming out of the pandemic.

“Students aren’t being helped with executive functioning skills, sitting, focusing, even making friends and being able to have social skills are what they’re struggling with,” she said.

The summer camp takes place in north Tulsa, off Greenwood at OSU-Tulsa, but it’s mission is more than helping students get back on track.

In the classrooms are retired African American educators teaching yoga, reading and the camp even offers therapy.

Brown says representation matters for these students when it comes to having a teacher who looks like them, too.

Over the summer, the target group of students are second and third graders. The program and staff are working to stop the school-to-prison pipeline.

“By the end of third grade, statistics tell us if they aren’t reading then the prison pipeline is a real thing so what we want to do is give them a firm foundation,” Brown said.

The camp runs through July 28th. For more information or to sign your child up, email