Norman bookstore owner puts QR code on T-shirts

NORMAN, Okla. — Green Feather Book Company owner wants to get a QR code in more children’s hands to give them more access to books some people want banned.

That QR code was first shared by a former Norman High School teacher, who stepped down after some controversy over political statements she allegedly made in the classroom.

Green Feather Book Company owner Heather Hall helped pay for the first 100 T-shirts to be printed and has advertised them on her Facebook page.

As Hall put it, the idea was to give students more access to books -- books that some want to pull from library shelves in Oklahoma.

Secretary of Education Ryan Walter points out there is no such list of banned books in Oklahoma.

Hall says that list comes as guidelines in House Bill 1775.

“And the idea that we’re going to be able to avoid the hard conversations with our children by avoiding our children being exposed to ideas that prompt conversation is a cop-out,” Hall said, “I think have the conversations with your kids. Know what your kids are reading. Know what they’re accessing on the internet. That is a key and vital part of parenting in this day and age.”

Walters says that parents want a focus on academics in their children’s schools.

“And it’s unfortunate that the far left have decided that they want to become activists and pushing pornography to children and that they have been pushing this in our schools,” he said, “And are now doing, you know, whatever kind of movement this is to have more access to pornography, to me, that’s not right. We want to make sure that our kids are given age-level appropriate materials, especially in our schools.”