• Newly renovated Tulsa Club Hotel opens this week


    TULSA, Okla. - The newly renovated Tulsa Club Hotel downtown is less than two days away from its grand opening and FOX23’s Rick Maranon stopped in for a tour.

    The project took four years of restoration, but the building itself has sat empty even longer – since the mid-90s.

    Pete Patel, president and CEO of Promise Hotels, told FOX23 that because of the tax credits received for historic preservation, the new Tulsa Club Hotel is a mic of art deco restoration and some much-needed reconstruction.

    FOX23's Rick Maranon took a 360 degree camera inside the hotel for a tour. Watch it here:

    “It really was a difficult project, mostly because a lot of it was charred, but the bones were solid,” Patel said.

    For years, the halls of the Tulsa Club were empty and covered in graffiti. Now, visitors would never have even guessed about its past.

    Find out more about the Tulsa Club Hotel, including directions, services and more online.

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