New survey reveals what dads from each state really want for Father’s Day

Do you know what to get your old man for Father’s Day, which is this Sunday? Will, you get him a tie?

Dads in each state were asked what they really wanted for Father’s Day and a tie did not make the cut.

The results of this survey revealed that a majority of dads in Oklahoma do not want to spend quality time with their kids the most on Sunday. What are the majority of dads really hoping for in the Sooner State? Tools.

Texas and Kanas dads are also hoping for, tools.

A majority of padres from California, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Washington, and 15 other states really want a day out with the family.

Fathers in Alaska would love some help with the chores.

Papas in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama really want a meal out.

Oregon and Nevada daddies would like a new gadget for a gift.

Fathers in Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, and 15 other states would be ecstatic with a family bar-b-que.

In six states, including Georgia and Pennsylvania, dads would be grateful to just sleep in.

Whatever you are getting good ol’dad for Father’s Day, don’t get him a tie and wish your pops a good one!