• New study examines quality of life in Tulsa

    By: Ryan Love , Preston Jones


    TULSA, Okla. - The City of Tulsa released a new study that examines how people are living in the city.

    Tulsa partnered with Gallup in 2017 and surveyed 4,500 Tulsans with 50 questions about economic opportunities, accessibility, and quality of life.

    Here are some key results from that study:

    • Tulsans are optimistic that the city is improving, with 47 percent saying Tulsa is getting better.
    • Over half of those surveyed say now is a good time to get a job in Tulsa, or start a business in Tulsa.
    • 50 percent of Tulsans consider themselves thriving, but that number is much lower than similar-sized peer cities.
    • The study found that 31 percent of Tulsans say in the past year there have been times where they did not have enough money for food.
    • The study also raised concerns over access to fresh food, healthcare, quality education, and community policing.

    The mayor says the city will ramp up efforts in the next year to improve community policing.

    This year's study is just the benchmark. The city will complete the study each year to highlight areas of improvement.

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