• New semester begins in frigid temps for Broken Arrow

    By: Preston Jones , Rick Maranon


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    BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Tulsa-area schools districts are finding out this week how much the deep cold impacted their buses.

    Broken Arrow Public Schools returned to session Wednesday, and spokesman Charlie Hannema told FOX23 the district actually started up all buses on Tuesday to see which ones would face problems.

    Hannema said only 12 out of 200 buses needed some attention, mostly due to dead batteries, which may or may not be attributed to the very cold temperatures that have hit the area recently.

    In addition to the normal buses, he said there are back up buses and a traveling mechanic on standby, ready to respond to any bus that was experiencing trouble.

    One problem Hannema said the district is seeing is that some families are keeping their children inside until they see the school bus pull into its usual stop. He said that creates problems, because kids will often run down and across roads to try to get on the bus last minute instead of being ready to board when the bus arrives.

    He said it is fine if parents want to keep their children warm in a car near the bus stop, but he said that having a student chase down the bus and hoping the driver and others see the student isn't the best and safest bet, as he said the driver may also not see the student running out of their home and begin to drive off.

    Tulsa Public Schools will start up their buses around 5 a.m. Thursday morning, and officials are not aware of any issues, a school spokeswoman told FOX23.

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