New rules for passengers pickup at Tulsa International Airport

New parking and pick up guidlines at Tulsa International Airport

TULSA, Okla. — The rules of the road in front of the terminal at Tulsa International Airport are about to change.

Starting Sunday, drivers can no longer stop their cars and stand or park in front of baggage claim to wait for someone to arrive.

"Every other airport in the world does this," TIA CEO Alexis Higgins said. "Now that the airport is at a 10-year-high in passenger traffic, we have more people needing to be picked up."

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Higgins said drivers can now drive around until the person they're picking up is ready, or drivers can wait in the cellphone lot until the person picking them up says they are waiting outside.

Airport police are being staffed from late morning through around midnight each day to make sure that no one violates the new rules.

Though they have the power to write tickets, Higgins said for now the most people will get are verbal warnings and requests to move when caught breaking the rules.

New red signs are now posted along the entire length of arrival pickup stating the new rule.

Uber and Lyft drivers have been moved to a separate lot to wait for passengers. They were using the cellphone lot, but now that the cellphone lot needs all the spaces it can get for the new rules, ride-share drivers are now parking near private hangars on south and west ends of the terminal.

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