New poll finds 62% of Oklahomans support medical marijuana measure

TULSA, Okla. — According to Oklahomans for Health, a new poll from Sooner Poll found that 62 percent of Oklahomans support State Question 788, a measure that would legalize medical marijuana in the state.

Oklahomans will cast their votes on SQ788 on June 26.

Oklahomans for Health issued a news release Thursday with the polling information and a statement regarding recent criticism for the wording of SQ788. People have pointed out the lack of medical conditions, in particular.

"The intent of no medical conditions is that it forces the professional recommendation squarely on the shoulders of the physicians, whereas in other states they are just checking a box. We think the decision of whether a patient should get a prescription should rest with the medical professional," said Chip Pail, chair of Oklahomans for Health.

According to the Sooner Poll, 73 percent of Oklahomans support the physician recommendation section of SQ788.

When it comes to recreational marijuana, those polled were more hesitant. Just 37% answered favorably about legalizing recreational marijuana.

Respondents were also asked if they support the farming of agricultural hemp. The answers were 58 percent favorable.

Oklahomans for Health's questions in this quarter's Sooner Poll were sponsored by Ryan Early of Can-Tex Labs in Oklahoma City.

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