New locally owned record store opens in east Tulsa

Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Nicks once again rock the record bins at an east Tulsa music store.
Once a staple of the 1970’s and 1980’s, the vinyl records all but disappeared in the 1990’s and now Oil Capital Vinyl is bringing them back.  The store is in its second week of operation at its new location near South Memorial Drive and East 27th Street South.
The record store hopes to capitalize on a resurgence in records and record players. 
It’s also the longtime dream of its owner Daniel Vandurmen who said now just happened to be the perfect time.
“My previous job ended, they closed our plant recently and we saw it coming so I decided this was a good time, if I was ever going to do this to start a record store,” said Vandurmen
FOX23 did some checking and there is a spike in record sales.  Last year Buzz Angle Music reported a nearly 12% increase in vinyl record sales but Vandurmen told us most of his sales right now are records that were printed decades ago.
“I’ve always collected records but I didn’t have a lot until recently I started collecting pretty hardcore.  Knowing this was coming I decided to start putting records aside and I got upwards of 4,000 records,” said Vandurmen.
Oil Capital Vinyl isn’t the only new record store in recent years to open in Tulsa.  A check of Google found at least 10 record stores in area including Spinster that has opened in the Arts District downtown.
But Oil Capital Vinyl is different.  It is truly local and the owner hopes the name will set him apart.
"I thought Tulsa was known as the oil capital of the world, I thought Oil Capital Vinyl might be a good name.”
A good name and time warp for many.  You can walk into the store thumb through bins of music legends and favorites you may have held in your hand as a kid.  Even if Vandurmen said many of his customers were born well after the CD revolution.
As far as the location, Vandurmen hopes to take advantage of traffic on Memorial and it also happens to be just a short drive away from where the legendary Peaches Records and Tapes store was located. It stopped spinning records in the mid 1980’s.