New initiatives announced after anniversary of Brittany Phillips cold case murder

New initiatives announced after anniversary of Brittany Phillips cold case murder

TULSA, Okla. — The Brittany Phillips cold case murder reached its 14th anniversary on September 28. Phillips' mother, Dr. Maggie Zingman is working toward new initiatives in honor of her daughter's case.

Phillips, 18, died in September 2004 in an apparent rape and murder in her apartment in east Tulsa. She had been dead for three days before she was found. Phillips was buried on what would have been her 19th birthday, October 4, 2004.

Officials have used various DNA testing methods to help find a suspect in the case but have not found anyone as an exact match.

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In January 2018, the company Parabon Snapshot used the DNA gathered at the crime scene to create a composite sketch of a potential suspect. Tulsa police began using a specific type of DNA comparison to help narrow their search in August 2018.

Zingman scheduled a press conference at 11 a.m. Thursday to go over her latest initiatives in support of her daughter and these kinds of cases:

"Dr. Zingman
1)      plans Interim and session visits by herself and others to pressure Legislative Appropriations Chairs and Committees in both House and Senate, as well as Governor, to fund this life saving law.
2)      to publicize how lack of funding allows our daughters, mothers, sisters to be raped, killed each day while dangerous predators remain free for 10-20 years,
3)      to reinforce awareness that DNA is often the only initial evidence to help identify those who commit violent crimes against women, children--often done without witnesses, behind closed doors; that  DNA at arrest helps solve cold cases and getting dangerous predators off streets early in careers.
4)      Dr. Zingman will ask mothers, daughters, sisters, homicide/rape survivors, victim advocates/groups to join mission."

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