New data released on homeless in Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. — Housing Solutions Tulsa has released a report with new data on homeless people in Tulsa.

The data in the report was gathered over a two-day period from a total of 1,063 respondents.

The report outlines some of major factors leading to homelessness, including mental health, domestic situations and sudden unemployment.

The COVID Pandemic made all of these problems worse, according to the report.

Some other statistics that stand out are the fact that nearly ninety percent of the people surveyed say they first became homeless in Oklahoma.

One in ten adults were accompanied by children.

Three out of five respondents were currently employed, but still homeless.

Half of all them mentioned a history of domestic violence.

More than half said they had previously been incarcerated.

Unsheltered homeless increased by more than a third.

Tulsa’s homeless population overall has increased by two percent.

Data in the report helps inform service providers on the needs of homeless Tulsans.

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