New city jail opens in Tulsa

VIDEO: New city jail opens in Tulsa

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Tulsa officially opens its own municipal jail at midnight Wednesday
  • When TPD arrests someone for a city crime or misdemeanors, that person will go to the jail
  • The new jail came after disagreements with county jailers
  • PHOTOS: Inside the new jail

As of midnight Wednesday, Tulsa's new jail will be open for business.

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VIDEO: Take a look inside

The City of Tulsa decided to stop using the Tulsa County Jail after failing to reach an agreement over costs per prisoner.

The new facility houses 40 prisoners with space fo 25 men and 15 women up to 10 days.

The city hired 25 detention officers, a security manager and assigned a TPD sergeant to work at the facility.

Felony and state charges will still get a prisoner sent to the county jail. Okmulgee County will serve as overflow for the new jail.

The city says the new jail should speed up the process for police officers, who will now only have to spend about 30 minutes with a prisoner at the city jail, versus 90 minutes at the county jail.

Tulsa municipal judges will have an arraignment docket every weekday for city prisoners to use whenever possible.