• Nearly a century after nation's worst race riot, Tulsa community continues to move forward

    By: Janna Clark


    TULSA, Okla. - FOX23 is honoring Tulsa’s black heritage as people from all over come to the Historic Greenwood District on the edge of downtown Tulsa to learn about Tulsa’s Black Wall Street and what happened to it during the 1921 race riot.

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    In the riots, Tulsa’s Black Wall Street burned, and though some businesses recovered, many did not.

    Generations later, people in Tulsa are working to revive the Greenwood District.

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    Some people brought new businesses to the area in the time since the riots, and others brought back old businesses.

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    Almost a century later, people are working together to change Greenwood, and they are looking forward to the next generation.

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    Learn more about the riot from an Oklahoma team commissioned to study it in 2001.

    FOX23 is devoted to covering Black History Month in Tulsa. See a new story every Sunday in February.

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