• Mythic Press sells shirts to benefit River Parks flood recovery


    TULSA, Okla. - A new shirt printed in Tulsa is being sold to help the River Parks Authority rebuild from flood damage that started in late May.

    Mythic Press is producing and selling the shirts. They said 100% of the profits will go to the River Parks recovery effort.

    FOX23 reported River Parks expects full repairs to its trails to cost millions of dollars, and they only expect a partial reimbursement from FEMA, if they get an at all.

    Mythic Press said many people want to either donate time or money to help flood recovery efforts. So, with River Parks Authority’s permission they started selling the shirts online.


    Mythic has printed shirts for River Parks in the past, mostly to commemorate Turkey Mountain. The print shop is also seeking corporate sponsors who will have their logos printed on the backs of the shirt.

    The shirt is only on sale through the end of July. Mythic plans to present River Parks with a check and distribute shirts at the same time.

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