• Muskogee woman plans to take legal action after police pepper spray her, send her into panic attack

    By: Eddie Randle


    MUSKOGEE, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Police said they were chasing a man who reportedly ran a stop sign when he went into a home.
    • The woman inside the home said police pepper sprayed her.
    • FOX23 was able to talk to the woman about what happened.


    A Muskogee woman said she plans to take legal action against the local police department after an officer pepper sprayed her for no reason.

    Police said they were conducting a traffic stop on a man, later identified as her son, who reportedly ran a stop sign when he took off toward his home.

    They said the man jumped out of the truck and ran into his house. When he did not come out, police kicked in the door.

    That's when the 84-year-old woman said she woke up and walked out to find out what happened.

    She said an officer then pepper sprayed her in the eyes.

    The woman said police then handcuffed her, dragged her to the police car and took her to jail.

    She said she then had a panic attack at the jail, and was then taken to a hospital.

    She plans to take legal action.


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