Muskogee teen gets accepted into over 60 colleges

VIDEO: Muskogee teen gets accepted into more than 60 colleges


  • Muskogee High School senior student Raylynn Thompson revealed her college pick after being accepted to more than 60 of them. 
    Thompson says after four years of hard work at Muskogee High School, she is Muskogee High's valedictorian. Thompson has a 3.93 GPA and already has 31 college credits.

  • Thompson told FOX23 she didn't mean to apply to so many schools, but that one application sent her information to 53 HBCU (historically black college and universities) and she applied to some others. She received a combined total of more than a million dollars in scholarship money. She chose Alcorn State in Mississippi and plans to major in biology and later go to medical school to become a neonatologist.
  • Lori Thompson, Raylynn's mom, says she's proud of her daughter's hard work. She's also thankful that friends, family, and the community have been showing so much support to her daughter.

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