• Muskogee teachers protest for better pay, school funding


    MUSKOGEE, Okla. - Dozens of teachers for Muskogee Public Schools staged a protest Thursday for better funded schools.

    They gathered near Muskogee Republican Headquarters to pressure Rep. George Faught to help pass a bill.

    Teachers told FOX23 their classes are overcrowded, they don't have enough supplies and they are underpaid.

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    The Muskogee Education Association plans to organize a protest every week until a bill is passed, or until the April 2 strike deadline set by the OEA.

    On Wednesday, teachers voted to not do any work before or after regular school hours.

    Faught released a statement in response to the protest:

    "Everyone is in support of a teacher pay raise. We have a tremendous opportunity to provide sustainable funding for this through the Commissioners of the Land Office. By using only interest earned and not the principle (sic) in this fund we can provide a much-needed pay increase without passing on a huge tax burden for hard-working Oklahoma families. We are working hard to solve this important issue in a responsible way and I am a co-author of the CLO solution -  House Bill 3440.”

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