Muskogee radio station moving into Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

MUSKOGEE, Okla. — Muskogee-based radio station Okie Country 101.7 is relocating this September to the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and Museum in Muskogee.

The news release said the “two icons of the extraordinary Oklahoma music scene will soon share the building and have an opportunity to join forces in many events, projects and more.”

Muskogee has a rich history of music. Hall of Fame inductee Merle Haggard even rose on the charts singing about it. While Haggard never lived in Muskogee, he had family that did, leading to that famous line “I’m proud to be an Okie from Muskogee”.

In a 1976 interview, Haggard said, “I may have been born in California, but I was bred in Oklahoma and I’m an Okie at heart.”

Some other big names in the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame: Roy Clark, Carrie Underwood, Leon Russell, Woody Guthrie and Vince Gill.

Okie Country is currently housed in Arrowhead Mall.

Executive director Tony Corbell of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame said OMHOF’s primary mission “aligns perfectly with the efforts, style and personality” of the radio station, which is to promote, preserve and honor Oklahoma’s rich music history.