Officials rule Muskogee fatal officer-involved shooting is justified

Police body camera footage released in Muskogee officer-involved shooting

MUSKOGEE, Okla. — Update 03/14/19: Rogers County Officials rule that the fatal shooting was justified.

One person is dead and eight officers are on leave after a reported stabbing ended with an officer-involved shooting in Muskogee.

The shooting happened Tuesday afternoon near the 1500 block of North 18th.

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Police said officers responded to a stabbing call and found three women inside a home. Two of them had been stabbed and the third was hit in the face. Police said 56-year-old Danny Brogdon was also inside the home and holding a large knife.

When officers arrived a stabbing victim points officers in the direction of Brogdon. Brogdon went inside the house where the other stabbing victim was laying on the floor and swallowed pills. Officers tried to use a Taser on Brogdon, but it wasn’t effective because of his heavy clothing, officials said. An officer was able to remove the victim from the area.

Police moved outside to try negotiating for the man to leave the home. They said he left the house and started to approach officers with the knife. Brogdon reportedly would not obey commands and officers fired two rounds of a bean bag gun at him.

Police said Brogdon continued to approach officers with the knife. At that point, a flashbang was thrown at his feet and it, too, was ineffective. Brogdon continued to approach in an aggressive manner, and after using three methods of non-lethal force to stop him -- including the flashbang and taser -- officers fired their guns.

Brogdon died at the scene. The three women were sent to the hospital for treatment.

During the investigation, eight Muskogee police officers are on paid administrative leave:

  • Sgt. Ron YatesSgt. Jeremy Jenkins, Officer Jody Standridge, Officer Danny Dupont, Officer Michelle Ogden, Officer Shawn Brown, Officer Josh Garza, and Officer Donald Cox.

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