Muskogee police arrest man accused of firing shots, leading them on chase

VIDEO: Muskogee police arreste man after chase

Tulsa, Okla — QUICK FACTS:

  • Muskogee Police arrested a man who they say led them on a chase after firing shots Saturday afternoon.
  • Police say a witness saw a driver firing shots into the air. The witness got a vehicle description and plate number. Later on, officers spotted that suspect car and tried pulling it over.
  • Body camera video shows Pacheco not stopping for officers. After about 8 minutes, he pulls into an empty lot and tries to run away, but is soon taken down by police.
  • Pacheco's family say they are upset by the use of pepper spray on Pacheco as they loaded him into the police car. Police say they feel their level of force was appropriate given the circumstances, and that Pacheco continued to resist as they were getting him into the car.
  • Officers say they later found a gun in the car, and drugs that tested positive for heroin was found thrown out of the vehicle.
  • Pacheco is facing 14 charges in relation to this chase.

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