• Muskogee man recovering after being attacked by dogs

    By: Rick Maranon


    MUSKOGEE, Okla. - A Muskogee man mauled by two pit bulls is at Saint Francis Hospital preparing for another surgery Thursday.
    Glenn Boulet underwent his third facial reconstructive surgery Wednesday. He was flown to the hospital shortly after the attack and expect to remain there for weeks to come.
    “It was just so bad and it was just so scary. I’ve been praying for him every day,” said his wife, Deborah Lolles Boulet.
    Glenn Boulet, 61, was attacked by the dogs earlier this week in front of his house. The attack did extensive damage to his face, throat and ears.
    Neighbors told FOX23 they fought off the dogs. Boulet’s son used a bat that he found in a nearby yard. He said from what he saw after the dogs were gone, his father will now be permanently disfigured in his face and they hope the damage to his left ear is only external.
    “He won’t be the same. No. He already had two facial surgeries. He had a third one today. He’s doing all right, but his face and arms and everything is just chunks,” son Glenn Lolles said.

    The family said they want to press charges against their former neighbors who own the two dogs. FOX23 tried to speak to the neighbors but they packed up and left within 24 hours of the attack.

    "We kept telling out neighbors to get rid of them dogs or put them on a chain, but they wouldn't do it," Deborad Lolles Coulet said.

    One of the dogs was killed when neighbors fought them off of Glenn Boulet. The other dog was picked up a few blocks away. Both dogs are undergoing a test for rabies.

    "We warned them ahead of time and it ended up being like this," Glenn Lolles said.

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