• Tulsa man arrested in connection to music equipment stolen from Tulsa band

    By: Jackie DelPilar , Cornelius Hocker


    TULSA, Okla. - A popular local band is asking for help after someone stole equipment from them worth thousands of dollars.

    Usual Suspects is a Tulsa-area cover band that’s been playing since 2004. They have played at venues including Los Cabos, various casinos, and the Lodge.

    Band members said someone stole a trailer full of at least $12,000 worth of equipment Friday afternoon from a secure parking lot.

    Amps, mics, speakers, cords and more were on the trailer. They discovered on Monday that it was stolen. Surveillance video shows a maroon Ford F-150 with chrome rims and a discolored roof drive into the parking lot, hitch their trailer onto it and take off.

    Police arrested Mark Climber in connection to the stolen trailer Saturday.

    Facebook tips led lead singer Jimmy Cleveland to search the 51st and Sheridan area.  After finding the maroon truck scene in the surveillance video, Cleveland gave the license plate info to police who then traced it to a house.

    The band said they’ve had an outpouring of support from the local music community. Some have offered to let them borrow equipment so they could still play at several upcoming gigs. Climber was arrested but the trailer is still missing. 

    Members said they won't let this setback stop them from playing music and entertaining the community.

    Usual Suspects' next show is at the Lodge on Saturday from 7 p.m. - 10 p.m., and a bigger show will be held at Los Cabos in Broken Arrow on April 27.

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