Muscogee Creek Nation launches new podcast series now available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

OKMULGEE, Okla. — Three weeks ago the Muscogee Creek Nation launched their first official podcast.

They recorded their fourth episode of the Muscogee Pod on Tuesday.

Host Jason Salsman, who is also the press secretary for the Muscogee Creek Nation, believes a podcast is a great way to connect with not only members of the Nation, but also with the general public, in an informal conversational manner that will build connection.

“We want to show you all of the things we’re doing in the community,” said Salsman, “and we want to show a different side of our leaders that make this place go 365 days a year.”

Muscogee Pod host Jason Salsman welcomed Tuesday’s guests on his show to talk about what’s going on the world of agriculture, mainly the Loop Square Ranch and Loop Square Meat Company.

“We just opened the plant about four months ago,” said Trent Kissee, the Muscogee Creek Nation Director of Agriculture and Natural Resources, “so there’s a lot of buzz around it, a lot of people are curious, a lot of people want to know what’s going on.”

Interior Secretary Jesse Allen discussed the Muscogee Nation’s recent purchase of a 5,600 acre cattle ranch in Okmulgee County, the largest purchase of the Nation in modern history.

Salsmon’s inaugural episode featured Muscogee and Seminole film maker Sterlin Harjo, the director and creator of FX’s comedy series Reservation Dogs.

“In success with this show is a global audience seeing a real true and accurate representation of real modern native life,” said Salsman.

Salsman has been friends with Harjo for years. He appeared on Salsman’s show Native News Today back in 2013. Salsman says having Harjo on his first episode was a full circle moment for him.

The studio where they record the program is called the ‘pod cave.’ The show is recorded every two weeks. Salsman says the goal is to inform viewers about key issues that impact the Muscogee Nation and Indian Country as a whole.

“When we talk about Native peoples and we talk about an understanding and a representation, if you can connect with them in a conversational way, in a podcast way with the general public, said Salsman “you become so much more ingrained where you’re understanding those folks and those people that you may not have had an understanding of before.”

The next Muscogee Pod drops on April 6th, and the episode recorded today on agriculture will be available on April 20th.