• Mrs. Claus, Santa educational program coming to Tulsa

    By: Ryan Love


    TULSA, Okla. - Mrs. Clauses, Santas, and Elves all have to get educated somehow, right?

    Tulsa is slated as one of three cities to find out when Santa Nana's Holiday University comes to town September 13-15.

    The educational program is expected to bring aspiring Mrs. Clauses, Santas, and Elves from around the country for its holiday education program tailored to the ladies of Christmas.

    "Santa Nana's owners Deanna Golden and Judith Broderick selected Tulsa as one of their three hosted locations for 2019. The area's Route 66 history, ease of access, and Sooner hospitality make for a perfect locale to bring Santa Nana's unique focus for holiday education, as Tulsa, all of Oklahoma, and the surrounding states have a strong Christmas Community," -- Santa Nana's Holiday University​​​​​​​

    Professionals, as well as aspiring performers, will take part in the weekend to get experience and connect with others.

    The event, hosted by local Mrs. Clause Jocelyn Whitney, will include a session with Domestic Violence Intervention Services and feature speakers on specialized topics.

    "Santa Nana's Holiday University is based on the work of Lucky Royse, who passed away in 2016. She had a vision and passion to help women better understand and seize the opportunities before them, and to see and establish themselves as valued Christmas performers," -- Santa Nana's Holiday University

    For more details, visit https://SantaNana.com

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