Mother of Sand Springs crash victim describes devastating loss of 16-year old daughter

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. — The community of Sand Springs continues to grieve, as the first of three funerals for the Charles Page High School students killed in last Thursday’s single vehicle collision was held at Broadway Baptist Church Wednesday afternoon.

FOX23 met with Kori Fletcher, the mother of one of the three crash victims, Kylee Weaver, for an interview at the memorial at the former crash site along Park Road.

According to Fletcher, the 16-year old Charles Page High School junior had dreams of attending Northeastern State University in Tahlequah and pursuing a career in counseling.

“I don’t really know what I’m going to do without her,” said Fletcher, who is a single mom. “We had so many plans.”

Fletcher stepped in for a closer look at the photos that are now displayed at the tree that was the site of last week’s single vehicle collision. Police said all three passengers in the backseat, including Weaver, 17-year old Ethan Gibson, and 16-year old Cyra Saner were pronounced deceased at the scene.

“I called the school as soon as I got a text saying there was an accident,” Fletcher said, “I just messaged her over and over please call me I know something’s wrong.”

Kori Fletcher went to the school in person, only to hear the news no parent should ever have to hear. She said her daughter was her person, her best friend, and her baby.

“And I knew, I knew the moment she was gone I could feel it.”

Fletcher said her daughter was a straight A student who was artistic and loved animals, including her two cats. She described her daughter as a young, independent woman who had planned to go to college.

“She was funny, super smart, she loved math,” she explained, “she wanted to go into counseling, she wanted to help people.”

Helping included tutoring her younger brother Jacksyn in math and babysitting both Jacksyn and his sister Melody who are special needs twins.

Fletcher said her daughter, who had suffered from depression in the past, was also an anti-bullying advocate.

“She had just started to flourish,” she said. “She knew exactly what she wanted and she had so many friends, she was just ready for life.”

Kylee Weaver’s funeral service will be held on Friday morning at HillSpring Church in Sand Springs at 11am.

Wendy Starr described her niece as a caring young woman who loved her family and friends, and was involved in community service.

“She’s just a bright light that was just taken, taken way too soon,” Starr said.

The investigation into the cause of the fatal single vehicle collision is still underway, according to Sand Springs police Captain Jody Fogleman.

Fogleman said the preliminary investigation indicated that the car was traveling eastbound on Park Road when it left the roadway:

“It appears speed was a factor in this collision,” he said, “and the car left the roadway, it appears it was up on two tires on its side, collided with the tree at that time and that’s what crushed the roof of the vehicle, spun the vehicle around, and it landed wheels down.”

He said the car was traveling in excess of the posted limit which is 35 miles per hour. At this time police believe the only teenagers wearing seatbelts were the driver, 16-year old Sirrah Mathews who was released from the hospital on Saturday.

The front seat passenger, Logan Childers, was released from the hospital on Monday.

According to Fletcher, Mathews and her daughter were best friends.

There are several fundraising efforts underway to help out the families of the crash victims:

Ethan Gibson Fundraiser

Cyra Saner Fundraiser

Kylee Weaver Fundraiser