Tulsa mother pushed out of car, as thief takes off with 3 kids inside

TULSA, Okla. — The Tulsa Police Department (TPD) say a man has been arrested after jumping in a running car and taking off with four victims inside.

Officers say a grandmother ran into the T-Mobile, near 41st and Yale Friday afternoon leaving her daughter and three kids in the car. TPD said Talon McKain jumped into the driver’s seat and tried to drive away with them all still inside.

An arrest report says McKain demanded the mother get out of the vehicle and she refused. Police say she was partially pushed out of vehicle, bit by McKain and was drug for a moment. He faces four counts of kidnapping, 1st degree robbery, leaving the scene of an accident, and not having driver’s license.

“She’s holding on for dear life and holding on the the vehicle, the steering wheel and he bites her in an attempt to get her out of the vehicle,” said Tulsa Police Officer Andre Baul.

Police say the suspect drove the car across the median into the On The Border restaurant parking lot next door. All while the mother ran after the car screaming for the kids and for the man to stop.

TPD says the man crashed into a light pole and took off running.

Several witnesses ran after the suspect and were able to wrestle him to the ground, where they held him until officers arrived.

The children in the car were not hurt and the vehicle only has minor damage.