More people are turning to life coaching since the pandemic

TULSA, Okla. — How do you know if a counselor or life coach is the right resource for someone who is feeling stuck in their life?

Life coach, Toya Forbes says a therapist can help you heal and overcome trauma from your past that may be holding you back from moving forward in life. While a life coach will help empower your journey forward.

“I’ve had to refer a couple of clients to a counselor and a therapist. And I said, ‘Hey, once you go through that, that time of getting council and getting healed and from some of those things you’ve been through in your past, then definitely come seek me out and I’m ready for you.’ Then, I’m ready to take you to your future,” said Forbes.

Forbes believes that the life coaches industry has seen an increase in clients in the last couple of years.

She believes that the pandemic challenged people to start asking, “What’s my purpose? What are my passions? I’ve been kind of stuck in this day-to-day routine. And I’m not satisfied anymore.”

A life coach is meant to motivate, inspire and build confidence, says Forbes.

Life Coaching is also ideal for the virtual platform, as clients can meet for life coach sessions via Skype or Zoom.

“My job is to push you in those things and to give you that encouragement that you can go and do it. And I feel like right now, a lot of people are wanting to go to the next level,” said Forbes. “I’m that accountability, I’m that person on the sidelines, rooting you on and cheering you on.”

Forbes is very enthusiastic in her approach and says she personally specializes in business and spiritual life coaching. She says she draws a lot of clients wanting to start new businesses or non-profits, or clients wanting to switch careers and who don’t know how to move forward to make the necessary changes.

“My program is 3 months minimum, six months maximum,” said Forbes. “I meet with most of my clients once a week. We’re writing down our goals. It’s an hour session. I like to focus on affirmations. I like to focus on prayer and encouragement.”

As a life coach, Forbes helps the client understand, “What am absolutely passionate about? What gives me joy? What brings me peace? You want them to be in ‘purpose.’ You want them to be passionate about what they’re called to do.

Forbes says that the coach that you choose to work with should be someone you really connect and vibe with.

Tamecca Rogers, one of Forbe’s clients, agrees. It’s important to find a life coach you’re able to be completely authentic with.

Rogers is a mother of three boys and has so many ambitious goals. She thought she could benefit from a life coach to help her accomplish all the things she was working towards more effectively.

“We’re just surviving, and I think that that life coach can come in and help you thrive. The life coach brings it all together and makes sure what’s in your head you’re putting to action,” said Rogers. “Sometimes we need a little bit of pushing and encouraging and accountability. That’s where you get that life coach that comes in, that shows you another perspective.”

Rogers believes that almost anyone can benefit from a life coach, “Because they see things in you that you probably couldn’t at first.”

Rogers has been working with Forbes for about three months and says her life coach has helped her with innovative ideas that have allowed her to proactively network and meet her career and fitness goals more effectively.

Forbes is also a life coach trainer and is working with about 25 life coaches now in a program under Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Network.

“I have a list of counselor counselors and therapists because like I said, I might not be your best fit, right? But I want you to get what you need,” Forbes says. “At the end of the day, I’m in the business of wanting people to be the best version of themselves.”

To find out more about Forbes as a life coach, contact her through her website and select “Life Coach.”