MORE DETAILS: What a first degree manslaughter charge means for Officer Betty Shelby

Officer Betty Shelby

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Officer Betty Shelby faces first degree manslaughter charge for the shooting death of Terence Crutcher
  • Shebly shot and killed Crutcher on Sept. 16.
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What is first degree manslaughter in the state of Oklahoma?

Here's a closer look at the charge Officer Shelby now faces:

Homicide is manslaughter in the first degree in the following cases:

1. When perpetrated without a design to effect death by a person while engaged in the commission of a misdemeanor.

2. When perpetrated without a design to effect death, and in a heat of passion, but in a cruel and unusual manner, or by means of a dangerous weapon; unless it is committed under such circumstances as constitute excusable or justifiable homicide.

3. When perpetrated unnecessarily either while resisting an attempt by the person killed to commit a crime, or after such attempt shall have failed.

If convicted here's the punishment per statute:

Any person guilty of manslaughter in the first degree shall be guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment in the custody of the Department of Corrections for not less than four (4) years.