Missing teen who disappeared with a wanted Tulsa man was found in California, family says

According to her father, 16-year-old Meghan Scroggins was found in California. She was found with Christopher Bartley who was previously charged in early July for running away with her, giving her alcohol and impersonating police.

Bartley failed to make his court appearance for those charges Wednesday, and the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office issued a warrant Thursday for his arrest.

Hours later, Scroggins’ father told FOX23 both Bartley and Scroggins were found after police explained Bartley was trying to get homeless resources in California, and officers ran his background check. While running his background, they found his warrant.

Scroggins’ father said she is safe now. Bartley is in police custody in Orange County, with a $100 thousand bond. He is scheduled to appear in court Monday.