Minor flooding not a problem at Pier 51 Marina at Keystone Lake, general manager says

KEYSTONE LAKE, Okla. — All the rain this week has led to some minor flooding at many lakes, rivers and creeks.

At Pier 51 Marina, water levels are high and at times, the water is moving pretty fast.

Keystone Lake is about 14 feet above normal as of Friday morning, according to the Army Corps of Engineers website.

The marina said the minor flooding is nothing they can’t handle but boaters do need to be careful.

“There’s underwater obstructions, concrete picnic tables and benches people need to be aware of,” said Sean Adair, general manager of Pier 51 Marina. “Go slow, wear your life jacket. Bring a buddy, always boat with a buddy, don’t go out with yourself.”

The marina was able to install a floatable walkway extension for people to access the marina easily.