• Military homecoming: Returning Marine surprises sister at Sapulpa Middle School

    By: Amanda Hari , Ryan Love


    SAPULPA, Okla. - I'm not crying, you're crying!

    Sapulpa Middle School held an assembly led by sixth-grader Tayber Belk on Tuesday morning.

    Tayber helped with the Pledge of Allegiance and introduced a moment of silence in the school gymnasium.

    Following the moment of silence, someone stood behind her after coming quietly through the doors on the other side of the gym.

    Tayber's older brother, Austin Martin, had not seen his sister in nearly a year while he served as a Marine.

    Austin stood quietly behind Tayber in the gym before she turned around and immediately hugged him. The gym full of students, teachers, and staff roared with applause as the two embraced.

    You can see the entire moment here:

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