• Mild weather brings early success to Tulsa's Boxyard

    By: Lynn Casey


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • The Boxyard shopping center has been open less than three months, and the spaces there are nearly full.
    • Though there are two spots left in the shopping center, one is spoken for and the other is for a restaurant.
    • Owners say the last month has been really busy, because people are out around downtown in the good weather.
    • The owner of the Rose Rock Micro Creamery said he decided to go all in and open his first ice cream shop at the Boxyard with a partner. He says the space is perfect, because the small spaces fit their small startup.
    • Developers say it’s another step to bring more “play” to downtown Tulsa and balance out the work as people move into newly constructed apartments nearby.


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