• Midtown Tulsa Target stabbing suspect arrested


    TULSA, Okla. - A woman accused in a stabbing outside a midtown Tulsa Target store is in police custody.

    Police said Rachael Sheppard stabbed a woman outside a Tulsa Target on November 26.

    The alleged robbery and stabbing happened outside the store while the victim was loading bags into her car.

    Police said the suspect tried to grab the victim's purse and then, threatened to stab her. The victim reportedly held onto the bag, and Sheppard stabbed her in the arm with a knife.

    An arrest warrant was issued for Sheppard on December 7.

    She was reportedly brought into police custody Monday after detectives said they spotted her at a Best Budget Inn near Admiral and Sheridan. Sheppard reportedly took off on foot, but detectives were able to catch up with her soon after.

    Police say a man drove Sheppard around during the alleged crime, and they are searching for him.

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