• Midtown Tulsa service offers tests for measles vaccine

    By: Michelle Linn , Ryan Love


    TULSA, Okla. -  A local service is offering people a chance to test their blood to see if their childhood measles vaccines are still effective.

    Any Lab Test Now in midtown Tulsa offers $49 blood tests to check for antibodies.

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    This test determines if a person's childhood vaccines are still protecting against measles. Rubeola IgG Antibody >30 means a person should be protected from measles.

    The Centers for Disease Control says anyone born before 1957 -- or who have had two doses of MMR and is in a high-risk environment should be protected. Anyone with one dose of the vaccine in a low-risk environment should be protected as well.

    The test does not require a doctor's approval and results are given in 1-3 days.

    The CDC recommends getting an MMR vaccine for anyone who is worried they are not protected against measles.

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