Midtown sewer sinkhole barricaded

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • A sewer sinkhole was reported near 15th and Lewis
  • The section of road is barricaded
  • The city plans to investigate what happened

Midtown drivers will have to get around a possible sewer sinkhole causing problems.

FOX23 checked out the problem Wednesday at 15th and Lewis. The Tulsa Fire Department spotted the problem.

The city parked a car over the hole and planned to put up barricades.

Sewer workers say they will run a dye test over weakened concrete; if they see dye, there may be hole in the sewer line.

If not, the city streets workers will have to take care of it.

Sewer workers said the type of road material prevented the road from collapsing; they say asphalt would have caved in.


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