The Midnight, CHANGE YOUR HEART TOUR destined for the Cain’s Ballroom this October

TULSA, Okla. — The Midnight, is the music collaboration of producer Tim Daniel McEwan and singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle. 

The music has been described as, “everything from John Hughes films,” (let’s go with the 80′s era) “and the Smashing Pumpkins’ “1979″ music video, to Snapchats of ravers losing it to a big bass drop.” If all that seems like your vibe, then the nostalgic, electronic, atmospheric sounds of The Midnight is probably your scene.

The duo just will be performing at the Cain’s Ballroom on Oct. 9, 2022.

McEwan and Lyle first released their online album DAYS OF THUNDER in 2014.

“We stick to the archetypes. The better the symbol and the more universal the myth, the more people can create a world for themselves from their memories and desires. That’s the goal: Give the audience enough raw material to make the world their own,” expressed Lyle.

The Midnight is also known for their live, artistic imagery that flows and is interwoven together with the music that has captivated their audiences.

“I love the visual side of the music,” McEwan says. “Adding that dimension and building that world is so fun. You’re able to be much more precise with what you want the listener to feel.”

Expect to be enveloped in a lyrical, visual, story-like experience at a Midnight concert.

Tickets to The Midnight, CHANGE YOUR HEART TOUR go on sale, Friday, April 22 at 10 a.m.