Middle school student with Down Syndrome scores during Olive basketball game

OLIVE, Okla. — Tyler Hanks is a eighth grade student at Olive Public Schools. Tyler has down syndrome, and plays on the basketball team.

Towards the end of this week’s game against the Depew Hornets, the coach put Tyler on the court. And his shot was caught on camera.

Tyler’s mother sat down with FOX23′s own Shae Rozzi to talk about the game.

“He was having so much fun!” she recalled with a laugh.

“We were down by quite a bit ... and the coach put him in, and there wasn’t a lot of time left on the clock, and the boys passed him the ball. And he dribbled it down the court, and he did his little thing, and he shot the ball,” she explained.

“And the crowd just absolutely went wild,” she grinned. “It was so fun!”

Hanks remembers the moment moving her to tears.

“I think half the gym was tearing up,” she said.

She said that Tyler would’ve been happy just to be with the team. When the coach actually put him in the game, it was an added bonus for the night.

“[Tyler] sitting on the bench and wearing the jersey, but to get in and to actually go play and have all the boys and everyone support him so much ... he was happy. He is so happy!” She said.

“He couldn’t wait to play the next game,” Hanks said.