• Medical marijuana still illegal on University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State campuses

    By: Ryan Love


    OKLAHOMA - The University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University are reminding students that marijuana is still illegal to have or use on their campuses.

    Both universities are federally funded and therefore have to comply with the Federal Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.

    The DFSCA prohibits the use, possession, distribution or cultivation of marijuana for any reason at federally funded campuses nationwide.

    This includes events authorized and supervised by OSU and OU.

    "Even with the evolving state law permitting marijuana use for medical reasons, it is important for students and employees to know they cannot consume, smoke or possess marijuana on campus even though they might have a card or prescription permitting them to do so." - Oklahoma State University

    The two universities also must follow the Federal Controlled Substances Act which criminalizes the growth and use of marijuana.

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