Mayor Bynum will speak with President Biden about public safety

WASHINGTON, D.C. — City of Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum will be in Washington, D.C. Friday to speak with President Joe Biden about cracking down on violent crime.

He will be one of several mayors meeting with Biden about public safety funding.

Biden is expected to renew his call for cities and states to use federal money for public safety resources and programs, as soon as possible.

Typically, most cities experience a spike in crime during the summer months.

The White House says $10 billion from the American Rescue Plan is dedicated to public safety.

The Biden administration said $2 billion will be allotted for community violence interventions, crisis responders and mental health services.

$1 billion will be used for bonuses to help recruit and retain front-line public safety workers.

Nearly $1 billion is for help to reduce domestic violence incidents with crisis intervention and resources for victims. There are also investments for more technology like body cameras, new police cars and radios.

The White House said Bynum will talk about how Tulsa is using these funds to boost police recruitment with bonuses and new equipment.

Some of those investments include about $7 million for new body cameras and the police air support unit, and another $6.5 million invested to reform the court process in Tulsa. Funds will also be used for a new family safety center to reduce domestic violent crime.