Mayor Bynum proposes city budget for fiscal year 2019-20

Mayor G.T. Bynum proposes new fiscal year budget

TULSA, Okla. — Mayor G.T. Bynum presented his 2019-2020 fiscal year budget Wednesday to Tulsa's City Council.

Mayor Bynum proposed his budget plan with an emphasis on safety and development in the community.

The proposed budget totaled $845.8 million and included all city funds, operations and capital funding from Improve Our Tulsa and Vision Tulsa.

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Bynum focused his presentation to city council on safety -- emphasizing his desire to hire more police officers and firefighters.

The budget allocates money intended to help hire 90 new police officers and 25 firefighter cadets. In addition to the new hires, the mayor also includes in his budget plan pay raises for both police and fire.

New police officers would see a pay increase of around $10,000 and new firefighters would see an increase of about $5,000.

The mayor's new Office of the Independent Monitor is also included in the budget to begin funding on January 1.

Bynum also addressed improvement to animal welfare in Tulsa that is included in his budget. The plan furthers the Animal Welfare Reform plan by increasing shelter hours and paying for increased field coverage. This will be part of the planned 6.7 percent increase in Social and Economic Development allocations.

The budget plan requests to install new street lights in dimly lit or dark neighborhoods in the city. Bynum says no light fixtures have been installed on Tulsa streets since 2009 -- backlogging over 500 requests.

Tulsa City Council will discuss the mayor's proposal at least seven days before June 30. If approved, the plan goes into effect July 1.

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