Mayes County barn destroyed in fire

MAYES COUNTY, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • A man said his barn burned down Tuesday.
  • The barn contained $30,000 in tools.
  • The owner is a Mayes County mechanic.

A man said his barn was destroyed in a Mayes County fire Tuesday.

The owner said his barn between Adair and Pensacola caught fire around 3 p.m. Tuesday.

He said his barn was destroyed.

Crews responded to the fire off Highway 28 Tuesday afternoon.

The barn owner, a mechanic, said he was inside when something blew up inside the trash can.

When he realized that he could not put it out, he called the fire department.

The fire destroyed more than $30,000 in tools inside.

No cars were inside when the fire started.

Crews said they were worried a cutting torch, propane tanks and a welder would explode during the fire.

Luckily, they said none of those items exploded.

Firefighters said they worked to keep the fire from spreading to nearby hay and structures.

Witnesses said they could see smoke in the air for miles.

The fire is under investigation.

FOX23 was at the scene when crews responded to the fire.


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