Man who runs Oklahoma nonprofit arrested for check fraud charges

TULSA, Okla. — A man who runs a nonprofit organization in Oklahoma has been arrested for check fraud charges.

The nonprofit, Oklahoma Heartland Heroes, has been the subject of a FOX23 investigation for 10 months. FOX23 showed you last March when Heartland Heroes left hundreds of boxes of donated food outside to rot.

Victor Colbert and his wife Penny Colbert run the Oklahoma Heartland Heroes Foundation. Victor told FOX23 people have the wrong idea about him and his non-profit. He says they just want to feed needy people and they haven’t done anything wrong.

Now Victor has been arrested. He’s a fugitive of justice from Missouri.

It all started last March when FOX23 showed the hundreds of boxes of government food left outside to rot, paid for with tax dollars. It was supposed to be given to needy families during the pandemic. The USDA investigated and said they cut off donations to Heartland Heroes.

Heartland Heroes eventually moved out from behind the North Tulsa Church. But the pastor says the Colberts left a horrific mess and ruined their building. FOX23 showed you the rodent-infested hoarding situation.

Then a few months later, FOX23 told you a judge evicted the Colberts from property by Highway 48 in Terlton.

The landowner says Victor and Penny didn’t pay the rent they owed.

When the Colberts finally left, the landowner showed FOX23 how they had turned his property into a junkyard.

Victor was arrested Jan. 20 by Mannford police. The affidavit says the officer saw a gray dodge pickup with an expired tag that failed to stop at a stop sign. It turns out, Victor had a warrant out of Missouri.

FOX23 called the prosecutor’s office in Clay County in Liberty, Miss., and found out Victor’s wanted there for check fraud.

The complaint says in November 2020, Victor wrote a check for more than $9 thousand for hams from Mies Wholesale Meats. The prosecutor says Victor picked up the hams but the check bounced.

FOX23 told you how Penny is wanted in Tulsa County for taking almost $29 thousand from the Tulsa Dream Center in 2021, and never giving them any of the hams and turkeys they bought.

The pastor of Sand Springs Church That Matters said the same thing happened to his church.

He filed a police report. It says his church gave Heartland Heroes $67 hundred for turkeys for Thanksgiving, but his church never received any.

The Creek County Sheriff’s Office says Victor was bailed out of jail and is supposed to go to court in Missouri. If Victor is convicted of the check fraud charges, the prosecutor says he could face up to four years in prison and a $10 thousand fine.

Penny’s warrant is still active. She has not been arrested.