• Man watches package thief steal from Tulsa porch while on vacation in Mexico

    By: Cornelius Hocker


    TULSA, Okla. - A Tulsa man said he was able to watch a package thief steal from his front porch while he was on vacation in Mexico.

    Andy Turner said he was at the airport returning home from Mexico when he got an alert that a package had been delivered at home.

    He said he contacted the delivery company, because he had paid an extra five dollars so that they would not deliver the package until he returned home.

    While Turner was on the phone with the company, he said he received another alert that someone was on his front porch. He then watched a man pick up the two packages from his front porch.

    Turner filed a police report. Companies also reportedly replaced the merchandise that was stolen.

    Turner said the thefts were an invasion of privacy and a good reminder that crimes of opportunity can happen anywhere at anytime.

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