Brothers in custody after deadly shooting outside Tulsa skate shop

VIDEO: Brothers arrested after fatal south Tulsa shooting

TULSA, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Someone reportedly shot a 19-year-old outside a skate shop in south Tulsa.
  • Police say the incident likely came during a drug deal gone wrong.
  • Police took the suspects into custody Wednesday morning
  • The victim, Nick Morris, died Tuesday
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Investigators say a man was seriously injured in a shooting near 51st and Peoria.

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They say a man, 19, showed up to the OSU Medical Center after he was shot in the head.

He was moved to St. Francis in grave condition. Later, family members identified him as Nick Morris.




Morris was on life support.He was pronounced dead Tuesday morning.

Investigators say the shooting came during an altercation between people in a black car and a Jeep outside the Quickie Mart skate shop.

Surveillance video reportedly shows drug transactions in the parking lot.

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Investigators believe the shooting happened during what looked like a robbery attempt or drug deal gone wrong.

They say someone in the Jeep got out and walked into the other car before a struggle ensued.

Investigators believe someone in the black car tried to kidnap that individual before a teen in the Jeep opened fire on the car. They say all the teens involved were armed.

A victim in the back seat of the black car was shot in the head.

WATCH: Surveillance footage from the incident

Suspects possibly involved in the shooting were taken into custody Wednesday morning. 
The suspect and his brother, the teen who police say entered the black car during the incident, are students at Edison High School. They both reportedly called in sick Tuesday.




An SUV possibly related to the crime was later found and impounded.

They two brothers were arrested on first degree murder complaints Wednesday. They were identified as Amadeuss Becerra and Amado Becerra.

An arrest reports said the brothers had gone to the parking lot to sell marijuana and Xanax, but that someone inside the vehicle had grabbed Amado Becerra and started choking him, stealing his drugs at gunpoint.

His brother reportedly saw the struggle and noticed the driver trying to leave the scene with Amado still in the car, at which point he chased the car, banged on the window and then fired two rounds into the vehicle.

Police released a statement:

"The investigation into Morris's death is a reminder that drug trafficking, no matter how small the amount, can be a dangerous business when guns are introduced.  Tulsa Police have recovered more than one gun in this investigation and it is believed that during this drug transaction between 17-21 year olds at least four guns were in play."

The owner of Quickie Mart says they try to reach out to the community, letting people come skate, hosting events and often feeding people.

He says they’ve dealt with some petty crime in the past 15 years, but nothing to this magnitude.

He says it’s unfortunate that people would bring illegal drug sales to their parking lot. He feels the people chose their parking lot because it’s so well-known to a lot of people.

Employees don’t want people to be afraid to come to their shop. They add that in this day and age, things like this could happen anywhere.

Police say Quickie Mart didn’t have anything to do with the crime and that the store is helping with the investigation.

Shooting scene near 53rd and Peoria in south Tulsa. Sorry, I was hurrying. I turn video around in like a minute.

Posted by FOX23 Sara Whaley on Monday, March 27, 2017

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