• Two Tulsa police officers arrested in teen's shooting death


    TULSA, Okla. - FOX23 learned new details in the case against two Tulsa police officers arrested in connection to a homicide. 

    Police said 19-year-old Jeremy Lake was shot and killed near downtown Tulsa Tuesday night. 

    Officer Shannon Kepler is in jail on a complaint of first degree murder and shooting with intent to kill. His wife Gina, also a police officer, is booked on a complaint of accessory to murder after the fact.

    FOX23’s Janai Norman talked to the victim's family and friends.

    The family said it is hard to believe two police officers are accused of being connected to Lake’s death.

    The officer’s daughter, the Lake’s girlfriend, told FOX23 she believes this was premeditated. 

    “It was definitely a premeditated, murder. How could somebody go off and kill somebody they don’t know in cold blood and just drive away?” asked 18-year-old Lisa Kepler.

    Kepler sobbed sitting with her late boyfriend’s family who’d recently taken her in.

    She told FOX23 her parents were fed up with her making bad choices and dropped her off at the Tulsa Day Center, a homeless shelter, last week.

    That’s where she met Jeremy Lake.

    “You know young kids, whirlwind romance, caught up in the moment, they think they’re in love and they seemed really happy the few days they had together,” said Lake’s aunt, Pam Wilkins.

    Wilkins allowed Lisa Kepler to stay at her house.

    She said Lisa and Lake were walking back from Guthrie Green Tuesday night when police reports show Lisa Keppler’s father, police officer Shannon Kepler, drove up in his black SUV.

    “Shot him once, shot him twice, and my nephew just grabbed himself and went down,” said Wilkins.

    Lake’s best friend, Josh Mills, told FOX23 he was there by his friend’s side until the end.

    “As soon as I saw him go down, I came out. I was covered in blood trying to save him, what hurts me most is that he died in my arms,” said Mills. 

    Both officers are on adminstrative leave pending the investigation.

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