• Man offers reward for return of stolen briefcase

    By: Lynn Casey


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • A Green Country man is hopeful that someone will return his father’s stolen briefcase.
    • Lucas Calbreath said the briefcase was stolen when his family’s Tulsa storage unit was burglarized.
    • Calbreath’s father was a senior detective with a sheriff’s office, and the briefcase contained his badge, retirement photos, career certificates and military records. There are also recordings of his voice from past cases.
    • Calbreath is offering up to a $2,500 reward for the return of the briefcase and said he isn’t interesting in turning anyone in.
    • Those with information about the briefcase are asked to contact him at 918-933-0285 or voices.lost.2014@gmail.com.

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